You have arrived at your destination…but where will you eat?!

Part three (THE BEST PART) is all about THE FOOD!

                                                                        THE FOOD

I love a foreign supermarket! Nothing beats trying all the snacks and foods you can’t get back home. But buying foods here can help you save costs!

If your hostel has a communal kitchen try cooking for yourself as this will save you money. As well if you make friends you cook for each other to help split food costs further!
If not there are some great supermarkets and convenience stores that offer food to go such as Hot dogs and build your own salads which taste great and can cure that hunger.
img_9088.jpg(ii) Fast Food Chains 
This option can sometimes not be the healthiest but tastes great and can help save on the cost of a sit down meal. I always like to live like a local so make the effort to try the local fast food chains and many have been great.

Sweden’s MAX Burger  is my favourite fast food chain, who are all about natural ingredients and reducing their carbon footprint. THEIR BURGERS AND CHICKEN RULE! As well in Germany I went to Kochlöffel, they cook a mean half a roast rotisserie chicken and chips for around £5-6!

39575706_327574404645969_6231696877310443520_n(iii) Tripadvisor 
This is the only ever time I will use Tripadvisor. I usually search on google Best fast food in “insert city” or Cheap eats in “insert city” and the first result is Tripadvisor which lists some great eats that allow you to cut costs.
IMG_9049.JPG(iiii) Leave the tourist areas
If you are dreaming of sit down restaurants meals make sure you leave popular tourist areas! Even just walking 15 minutes away from main squares can help you save on good local restaurant meals!

What to talk about next?! Its either gonna be getting around or things to do!

a d a m a r t i n b


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