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My Summer School Adventure

Haven’t post in ages and was waiting for my marks before posting cause I didn’t jinx myself but I smashed it, got a B and got to explore more of the world, so here goes!
39519382_209870679880465_2962072256370442240_nI spent July studying Sports Marketing and Sponsorship at Aarhus University’s summer school in Denmark. I have never studied in another country before, so I  didn’t know what to expect but this adventure involved travel and spending the best part of a month living and exploring another country, which excited me anyway.

I spent my first evening down the harbour with newly acquainted friends I met on my flight (which I spent the best part of the coming weeks with). We watched Denmark sadly lose on Penalties to Croatia in the world cup. I am not a massive football fan myself but the atmosphere was amazing and was great to see so many Danes coming together for the event.

The next day I moved into my student accommodation which was 2 bedroom flat located on the harbour by the newly built public bath and a 10 minute bike ride to the beach, which was an awesome location! I also got to do my first shop, which for those who know me was quite an exciting time as I am a big fan of a country’s traditional foods, snacks and drinks (I ATE SO MANY PASTRIES).
39748559_1024580217703024_3768119394559852544_n.jpgThen began my studying. Vass was one of the best lecturer’s I have met. He made the content so engaging and his passion for the subject was transferred to you, making you want to learn more.  I enjoyed the course so much, I really wish that is was longer!

The lecture times also gave you time to explore the city and further, which was a big yes from me! I channelled my inner dane on various occasions which included a 45km bike ride across the coast to explore more of Denmark. I also got the chance to head back to Sweden and check out Germany for the first time!
39585331_305234146917925_5586542065887477760_nThe overall experience of studying in Aarhus has filled with me a hunger to learn more about the sports business as well as the aspiration to 100% do my masters abroad.
I would recommend studying abroad at Summer School to anyone, especially Aarhus – now one of my favourite places, I hope I get to come back soon!


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