I spent the past weekend exploring three new countries on a short solo adventure. After the fun coach trip from Cardiff to Gatwick with National Express (£16), day one saw me land in Vienna, Austria. A country in all honesty I have never really thought about visiting but it was such a cool place.

I departed from London, Gatwick with a relatively new budget airline known as LEVEL (£46). Although a delay in take off this airline did not disappoint showcasing a menu full of Austrian snacks and drinks as well as USB charging which I have never experienced on a budget short haul. I would definitely fly with this airline again!
43058604_532876857138274_8922602946064023552_n.jpgArriving in Vienna I decided to splash the cash on the CAT (City Airport Train) (€11) which gets you to the city centre in 16 minutes and the 24 Vienna Travel Ticket (€8)
which allows unlimited on the cities travel network which was definitely worth the investment.

I booked one nights stay in Hostel Ruthensteiner (£19.06) making use of a 10% off coupon on, not the most low cost for Vienna but definitely the best. I’ve never felt more welcomed at a hostel! Workers and other travellers were friendly, I wish I could have stayed longer!
43168406_250579699135746_1228430457054429184_n.jpgWhen I go away I like to do what the locals do and one of the Austrians past times is my favourite sport – Ice Hockey! So I spent my evening watching the Vienna Capitals v Moser Medical Graz 99ers. The ticket cost €18 which is a pretty standard price for European hockey. Good atmosphere, Great food and not a bad overall first game in Austria!

The next day before my coach to Country #2. I spent exploring the cities sights making use of my travel pass. Highlights were KugelMugel an Austrian Micronation that declared Independence in the late 70s and the view from the top of Vienna’s famous Ferris Wheel aka Wiener Riesenrad (€10).
43049781_466888593822306_8603502470997475328_nI also love checking out fast food in other countries especially, when the likes of Mcdonald’s has menu items you have never seen before. You just HAVE to try them! Biscoff Mcflurry, Rice crispy-esque coated chicken selects and waffle fries = 10/10. The Austrians national snacks and drinks were awesome too. I’d definitely recommend trying Almdulder and local bakeries!

Even though my time in Vienna was short, I definitely want to head back and explore more of this country.


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